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About Dr. Diane

As a survivor of mold illness, Lyme Disease and chronic IBS symptoms and low libido, Dr. Diane Mueller is able to deeply empathize and understand how these sorts of conditions are beyond just the physical body. Just like many of her patients, Dr. Diane struggled with chronic fatigue, extreme digestive dysfunction and chronic pain for many years with conventional medicine only offering mildly palliative treatments. Relationships were impacted as social isolation was part of life due to the nature of the disease. Dr. Diane’s journey to heal herself lead her to complete two doctorate degrees in holistic health care. She serves as a naturopathic doctor as well as doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine.

She has two different medical clinics:

Her clinic, MyLymeDoc.com, is dedicated to helping those with lyme, mold and other chronic infections/toxins that are driving symptoms such as fibro, headaches, hormonal imbalances, cognitive decline, chronic fatigue and more.

MyLibidoDoc.com is focused on helping those that are looking to optimize their life, find their sense of pleasure and passion and have healthy hormonal balance in their intimate connections in life. 

In her business coaching programs she helps female entrepreneurs find clients and build sustainable, high impact businesses.

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Best Selling Author, Dr. Diane's New Book is On Sale~

This is the second edition to the previous book, full of updates on lab testing, treatment protocols, mindset approaches and missing root causes! This book was a 2 times best seller!

“Highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with Lyme, fatigue, & brain fog. Dr. Diane is bit only an expert in this field but has gone through her own personal journey with it, an informative & supportive read!”

Hire Dr. Diane Mueller to Speak at an Event

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